Testimonials for Lana Lynn Mareno

“I just wanted to update you on how I am feeling. I can’t believe that after just one session how silent my mind has been. I seem to be looking forward to the future again without anxious or unwanted thoughts coming into my head. My heart feels open and I even feel like I’m back in the ‘honeymoon faze’ with my partner. I am feeling so creative too, probably because my mind can think about other things other than constant unwanted thoughts.   I am so excited to carry on this journey.”
– Julie B

“With Bio-feedback Massage my physical complaint was addressed when allowing myself to open to the emotional blocks that had accumulated throughout my life. The skill and tools used in my two sessions helped me to go deeper allowing the release  of the pain through which new feeling of being held and supported by Lana has helped me to learn to trust my feelings in my current life.”
– Diane, USA

Energy Healing: Foundation Course on the Chakras
“I was fascinated by a book that mentioned the Chakras. I decided that I wanted to know more and needed to find a teacher who would help me understand what they were about. I came across a course in Bristol run by Lana Mareno. I rang her up and instantly knew that this was what I was looking for. The course was run on 7 weekends – each weekend focussing on one of the Chakras. It was a big commitment for me because I had to travel from Cornwall and stay overnight in Bristol.

It was absolutely worth it. It was a rich and life enhancing experience that I will always be grateful for. It was a truly body / mind and spirit course. Lana used Qi Gong, and dance to move the energy in the body. She taught the theory of each of the energy centres in the body clearly with examples of how these related to physical health and personal development. Through meditation, music and angel work I gained a deepening of my spiritual journey.

The course started with two students, but sadly my co-student had to leave. I was so impressed and delighted when Lana said that she would honour her commitment to me and run the course just for me. This made my experience unique. Lana was able to work at a deep level – getting to understand my personal blocks. She worked therapeutically and used healing when appropriate. I would recommend the course to anyone. Lana is an effective, experienced and inspirational teacher.
– Rowena – from Cornwall

“I attended an Inner Child retreat run by Lana in Portugal, it was an amazing experience!  Since the retreat so many things from my childhood have been put into perspective and things that I learned have been since put into practice, it was a life changing opportunity!

As a facilitator, Lana was professional,nurturing,incredibly knowledgeable and ‘held’ the group brilliantly. I really can’t say enough good things about the experience and I would recommend it to anybody who felt that it was something they were ready for!”
– Kim, UK

There seemed to be a pattern of unsolved issues in my life that kept re-occurring. With Energy Healing, I saw a shift on all levels over a period of weeks that I had been working on for years!!”
– Kar, Bermuda

“A wonderful and exciting journey. The retreat helped shift mountains for me which I thought would never happen.  An amazing and spiritual journey I will never forget. Everyday I am getting stronger and am more confident and developing into a higher sense of self esteem within  myself…the journey can only go onwards and upwards!
I owe my present well being to Energy Healing.”
– Patrice, UK

“The foundation course is a loves job. A way to explore the possibilities of transformation that my life brings to me right now. Essentials for it: Lana’s guidance and the support of the other participants.”
– Antonella, Bristol UK

“I  thoroughly enjoyed the Foundation Course which I  embarked upon with Lana, it has exceeded any expectation I may have had… I have made some amazing friends and within the group I felt heard, supported and I enjoyed  learning from the experiences of others as well as my own. Lana facilitated and held the group and course content brilliantly. It was just a joy to be ‘moving forward’ in such a unique, gentle and supportive way.”
– Kim, Bristol UK

“I was amazed at the accuracy of Lana’s description of my infertility condition by just the information I gave over the phone! I laid down as she tuned into me and became very relaxed quite quickly. From information fed back to me I was able to to look at my condition and decide on the treatment plan.”
– Fay, Bath UK

Energy healing is a powerful practice that has been both a challenge and wonderful experience for me.
Lana’s intuitive and caring nature has helped me work on things in a very deep and unconscious level in a way that always feels safe. Her sound knowledge of spiritual and therapeutic practice is ever present and I feel a strong sense in each session with Lana that theres a partnership of working together
Nick G., Bristol UK

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