Transform in 3 days!

Fast track your change with…
A New personal Transformational YOU!

A personalised 121 programme over 3 days to create and reach your highest potential while learning how to let go of negative life experiences that have held you back.

By attaining to awareness of what you wish to change within yourself and re evaluating the life you are today, the process of letting go of the Identity you THINK you are becomes astoundingly relevant. Your true ( eternal ) perception of yourself becomes clear when you learn to recognise perception is based on fear ( past ). This becomes apparent when looking at unhappiness ( imbalances) within you.

Hey Lana

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful three days. I took so much from it and am feeling already so much more happy in myself. You helped put things into perspective and help me understand myself and where I probably wasn’t getting it right in my behaviours and lifestyle.

There is definitely something to all this energy stuff 😀
” – Tom, Bristol

  • Are you fulfilled?
  • Are you happy with you?
  • Do you constantly blame others and the world for your life right now?
  • Are you a victim of trauma physically, emotionally, mentally and have you suffered abuse in these areas from others as well as towards yourself?
  • Do you carry negative feelings and emotions of guilt, shame, pride, confusion and anger?
  • Are you stuck in relationships of any kind (people, addictions)?
  • Are you going around in circles, ageing while repeating the same cycles which create the discontent within your life?
  • Are you afraid of stepping into your greatness?
  • Are you stuck in your business or personal life?

If you recognise and resonate strongly with any of the above questions , you are somewhat at a time in life where you are ready to meet A New Personal Transformational YOU!

The integration ( final process ) of accepting your true divine nature becomes the conquest over the fear held at a very deep level.


Our objective is to to create and reach your highest potential, while learning how to let go of negative life experiences that have held you back. We do this by taking a leap of faith, while trusting the divinity within you, which will always be the guide towards the universal law of attraction. And as we begin to surrender to the light within us, to understand ourselves better, we reflect that out to the world. What is then reflected back to us is Our True Self.

Gratitude happens as a result of healing and forgiving yourself as well as others. Each life experience leads you onto the next experience. Choice shows you a way of moving forward or, staying stuck.

Awareness of the past by identifying the pain that created the blocks within your Chakra system brings the integrated parts of your Soul, of you’re being that has separated you from your internal knowing, your truth. Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balanced order and rhythm and harmony.
– Thomas Merton

You will receive over 3 days

  • 121 Counselling
  • Bodywork
  • Integral Core Therapy Processing (exploring the Core issues held at a very deep cellular level which lie dormant and sometimes, unconscious)
  • 2 intuitive Energy Healing sessions (Chakra balancing , clearing and energising)
  • Grounding and Shamanic Healing (outdoors)
  • Sound Therapy (to unblock the divine within)
  • Exploration of the needs of the Inner Child (healing on the emotional level)
  • A healthy vegetarian lunch / herbal tea’s throughout the day
  • Mind, body & spiritual Holistic life Coaching. This is working together to create a plan that will help you reach the highest potential spiritually within your life to bring you the richest rewards in life.
  • An Angelic Card Reading Session to uncover the issues currently as well as what challenges you face ahead  and the gifts you are ready to receive

Location and Cost

10 am –  5pm

In my treatment room in Bristol at
BS2 Therapy Rooms
127 Wilder St
St. Paul’s
Bristol BS2 8QU

£200 non-refundable deposit is to be made on booking.

Would you like this package in the privacy of your own home?
The cost is the same + plus travel expenses.

Contact me to book

+ 44 (0) 7778 932 516

Payments through

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