Integral Core Therapy in Bristol

This is the therapeutic application of Anagnosis.

It integrates the different strands of Humanistic Psychology and human potential development, Transpersonal psychology, Body -centred alchemy and Relational therapy.

This synergy enables one to work with nearly all levels of what and who human being we are.

The setting sun

Integral Core Therapy works to remedy the detrimental effects of your conditioning upon your body, mind and soul.

By enabling us to identify how your upbringing disconnects you from your integral self it helps access your essential – spiritual nature.

When you realise who you truly are then you live from your heart.

Integral Core Therapy is relational : it gets you to engage and relate openly to others.

It is integral: it connects you to your wholeness of your spiritual reality. It is therapeutic:

you can use it to heal your personality and your soul.

INTEGRAL CORE THERAPY has three levels.

RESOURCES-work with your ‘Core – our authentic spiritual-essential nature.

ENERGETICS – works on the ‘soma’-the structures, vitality and sentience of the body. It facilitates grounding, psychotic healing and the embodiment of your spirit.

It compromises Somatic (body – centred) modalities such as Qigong, Reichian Bodywork, Bioenergetics, and Core Energetics.

DYNAMICS- works on the ‘psyche’ and ‘ego’-basically our soul and personality. It addresses our childhood wounds (Inner Child) and any issues regarding our personal and familial relationships.

It compromises relational Humanistic Psychology modalities such as Embodied Relational Therapy, Energetic Integration, Healing Theater and Alchemy of Transformation.

Its premise is that it’s love, energy, essence and consciousness of your spirit that is the source of all the psychological healing, meaning and purpose you need. In other words it is your inner therapist, healer, mentor, master, guide parent.

I completed the training for Integral Core Therapy with Amadis Cammell.

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