Inner Child Healing

“It is through healing our Inner Child, our Inner Children,
by grieving the wounds that we suffered,
that we can change our behaviour patterns and clear our emotional process.
We can release the grief with its pent-up rage, shame, terror,
and pain from those feeling places which exist within us.”

The pain of your Inner Child is revealed when you open to its Core pain deep within.   Being abandoned by parents in any way e.g. divorce, emotional incapability connection, death or any kind of abuse when young begins the process of searching for answers and the unconscious Core love from others.

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To heal your inner Child we must first go to the point of where your  wound originated. Learning to trust your adult self first requires parenting your Inner Child with your adult self.

The process of emotional release can be painful and deeply buried by layers of anger, guilt, shame and frustration that stop you feeling true love for yourself and others.

Once the relationship between the absent parent and your Inner Child is brought fully back to life within the present moment, answers are given to long needed question’s which eventually, can help release the pain of your Child self allowing them to move on in life and relationships which are sometimes marred by unresolved issues mirrored back to them in a partner.

Expectation’s can be the cause of a lot of couples drawing on needs not met as children from their own parents.

Work  is concentrated around blockages  held on the Emotional and Astral  field ( 2nd  and 4th Chakra).

Inner Child Healing is an aspect of retreats I hold once a year as well as specific workshops.

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