Holistic counselling

Holistic Counselling is a  support to understanding the healing process of mind and body which leads to spiritual realisationHolistic counselling is a way of looking at issues in one’s life that need to be addressed .

Be it just counselling, this sometimes is all that is needed to look at pain of one’s past by way of present issues.

From this we can bring together a picture of where the Energetic blocks began to form.

As an example, as children we are often taught not to speak with the age old belief, ‘children should be seen and not heard’ or ’speak when you are spoken to’, or ‘do not tell your mother or father’, or ’take care of your siblings, family ‘ etc.,

Negative statements that turn into beliefs which form the basic belief of keeping quiet, suppressing thoughts and emotions, which then become reinforced into someone’s life as they develop and mature and form relationships as adolescence and adults.

Women and men from abused backgrounds are classic examples of fear around speaking which affects the growth and maturity of their third Chakra,where self esteem and confidence is formed and where personal power is developed.

The Throat and Heart Chakra and sometimes the head ( Crown) Chakra, will display blocks that are picked up in an initial process of consultation.

The Holistic method of looking at emotional, mental and spiritual blockages within our energy system brings together a new age way of uncovering what the body is holding and what it needs to release, as a result of speaking and expressing.

Sometimes this is all a person may need… just to be heard and held, respected and supported without judgement or criticism.

Counselling using the humanistic approach within a session is based on listening without judgement, criticism, or with active distance but an open heart connection to the need for healing the past and connecting to the vital life force energy that becomes apparent when letting go of blockages created from that time.

Sessions can  be inclusive of Energy Healing depending on what I think is appropriate and needed by the client.

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself”
– Carl Yung

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