Energy Healing, Personal and Spiritual Development, Counselling & Massage.

Pay for these session online using the links below. You will directed to squareup.com.

Health insurance schemes

I welcome employees covered by the following healthcare insurers, for employees seeking therapy, through you employers healthcare scheme: Vitality health insurance and Aenta.

Individual sessions

55 min per session         

Online – £45 (Zoom / Skype)
Bristol – £50
Bath – £55

Payments through squareup.com

3 sessions

Because of the nature of the work for Personal and Spiritual Development, a course of at least 3 sessions is recommended for a process of awareness, release and integration. 

55 min per session  
Online – £130 (Zoom / Skype)
Bristol – £145
Bath – £160

Payments through squareup.com

6 sessions

55 min per session
Online – £255 (Zoom / Skype)
Bristol – £285  
Bath – £315

Payments through squareup.com

Bespoke wellbeing packages

There are 2 packages to choose from which can be used over 12 months £480 and £960

Choose from any of the therapies I offer and combine them to best meet your needs.  Alternatively, I can advise on what would be the best combination.

Read more about these bespoke packages >

A New personal Transformational YOU!

A personalised 121 programme over 3 days to create and reach your highest potential, while learning how to let go of negative life experiences that have held you back.

Read more about the Trasnformational YOU! 3 day package >


A varied price structure with a sliding scale concession per person per day depending on the size of the class and the venue.

See workshops listing here >


£350 per weekend / £400 for 4 days (depending on the location / venue)

See retreat listing here >

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