Distance Healing sessions

“Scientists are now recognising what mystics have said for years.
Just like there are many drops that make up an ocean and merge into one,
we are not separate – we are all connected.”

Distance healing or, intuitive reading in some ways is easier than having you physically with me. There is no distance in the Energy World.

This is because, our Ego can direct us to ‘see’ that of which we want to see .

Online and telephone sessions can be conducted wherever you are in the world with the consultation information you give which helps me to  ‘tune in’ to the body as you go to a quiet place to be still.

Working with a personal colour system I go into the Chakra system which gives me information to help clear, balance and regulate the energy flowing into a particular centre where there may be blockages or inbalances.

Guidance from my personal guides, Spirit guides and your guides which can provide information to set you on a path of self healing on all level’s, I conduct a session which can take 30 mins depending on what needs to be done.

Celestial infusion is done to complete a session before grounding and re- connecting via telephone or Skype. Sometimes this is done the next day as the session can take you very deep.

If you have an open curiosity the results can be beneficial to helping you to look at issues in your life that have manifested into physical, emotional and mental disorder. From here, we can set up a treatment plan whereby I can assist you on a number of issues relating to health on all leveles

I NEVER give vital information to bring fear into you. If i see intuitively that you need to go beyond Intuitive diagnosis i will direct you to other methods of seeking medical diagnosis.

‘I was amazed at the accuracy of Lana’s description of my infertility condition by just the information I gave over the phone!

I laid down as she tuned into me and became very relaxed quite quickly.

From information fed back to me I was able to to look at my condition and decide on the treatment plan.”
– Fay, Bath

Benefits from Distance healing

  • Fertility problems
  • Heart condition’s
  • Anxiety / depression
  • Lack of confidence / self esteem
  • Respiratory issues
  • Back problem’s
  • Migraine’s / headache’s
  • Digestive disorder’s
  • Pregnancy
  • Grief
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