Whatever our beliefs are, we are all living the human and spiritual connection at all times.

Anxiety is a component of fear and BREATHWORK is a tool I use to help you to reconnect with your physical body.

steps to breath work
Steps to peace begin with the breath

Once the breath is recognised as a vehicle to bring you back, the work on resolving issues can begin.

Being in your body to consciously bring back the past is the process to healing and releasing  just that. Looking at any traumatic experience can take you out of your body to escape the pain.

As an ENERGY HEALER I can assist you  through the 3 stages of a typical process with love and support, while remaining grounded to initiate your grounding:


3 stages of the Healing Process:


An initial period of discussion and evaluation of the life issue(s) to be addressed which often bring to light the original cause of your condition .

By connecting to your HEF (human energy field) I  ‘tune in’  by way of HSP (higher sensory perception)  to find the  energetic blockages needing attention.

Sometimes this comes through, as a way of counselling.


Fully clothed on a therapy table this can come about by way of you choosing to release the emotional pain cathartically (physical releasing with sound) or beyond a period of hands on Energy Healing or Counselling.

At this stage of the process, a dialogue sometimes will be included.

As an example, THE ASTRAL PLANE which holds our history from PAST LIVES, RELATIONSHIP CORD’S, and ANCESTRAL CORD’S  once cleared can lead you to experiencing unconditional love which is associated with the Heart Chakra whereby the feeling of self love and love for others in the present can become overwhelming.


This occurs as the session comes to completion with you being GROUNDED into a new consciousness and self realisation leading to spiritual awakening, possibly for the first time.

The Benefits of Energy Healing

These can range from loving acceptance of ourselves and others to the resolution of chronic, physical, psychological and emotional conditions.

Sometimes there are dramatic improvements in only one or two sessions that can go beyond physical health to personal development.

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