Bio Feedback Massage in Bristol

Symptoms like stress and other forms of disease in the body when the energy centres  (Chakras) are out of balance or blocked, prevent the flow of Chi (energy) to run healthily.

As a valuable tool  for me to use within Energy Healing and to optimise health Bio-feedback massage came about first as a way of listening to the body’s needs on an emotional level while supporting what the individual was telling and showing me physically.

image for Bio Feedback Massage

From there, over time I devised a way of intuitively opening up and tuning in .

”Letting go, being strong..not giving up..” these are all beliefs and statements that cause the body to contract.

The ‘holding’ patterns or the emotional ‘blocks’ become a part of who we are, our identity. We  unconsciously, as well as consciously, hold onto the past partly from fear of letting go.

This approach to massage is unique. It is a blend of listening, while feeding back to you where  blockage(s) might reside.This spiritual healing aspect assists the body physically to let go and relax, allowing energy to return to balance. Balance  helps to regulate the immune system.

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