Bespoke Wellbeing Packages

Discover the flexibility to support what your body and mind require at any particular time.

Buy a package that gives you the freedom of addressing different issues currently going on in your life mentally, emotionally or physically.

How it Works

There are 2 packages below to choose from which can be taken over 12 months.

Choose from any of the therapies I offer and combine them to best meet your needs.  Alternatively, I can advise on what would be the best combination.

Find out more about what I offer

Purchase one of the packages below then contact me and we will put together a tailor made plan to meet your availability  (1-4 sessions (maximum) can be booked in one day).

Package Options

Package 1

Package 2

What people say

The benefit of the package Lana offered me meant I could spread out over a year different modalities of treatments which made sense to me. Sometimes, all I wanted was a relaxing massage which was included in my package. A great offer!!

Highly recommend (and it was a gift, even better!)

June – Bath

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