with Lana Lynn Mareno


Monthly Afro Caribbean & Asian heritage women’s support group in Bristol

Held Monthly
Contact Lana for more details of dates and the location.

This workshop is held on a monthly basis with a holistic approach to women’s well being.

The group meets up in central Bristol with the aim to support and hold women who find it hard to integrate into mainstream groups.

Cultural differences sometimes put women from the B.A.M.E. community at a disadvantage so with that in mind, the aim is to help women grow through self development by gaining confidence and a stronger sense of self.

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What is Energy Healing? (1 hr)

Sat 1 Sep 2018
11am – 12.30pm
Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY (Map)
TICKETS: £11.07 through Eventbrite

Trauma is held at the unconscious levels of the seven Human Energy Fields which correspond to the Chakra System (seven major energy centres). We will explore how our defences are formed through ancestral and emotional blocks by way of exploration of the Inner Child, Colour and Sound residing within the Human Energy Fields. This is in relation to health and important to understand how healing the past can bring us more in line with our higher self and spiritual nature while acknowledging our lower self in the present.

Through this workshop Lana will help you look at ways to clear, energise and heal aspects of our being and leave you with tools for personal development.

This follows on from Lana’s free talk on the 30th August at Hamilton House.

Tickets through Eventbrite (£11.07)

A New Personal Transformational YOU! (2 Days)

If you would like to do this kind of work on a 1-2-1 basis, please see this page for more information

A 2 day Workshop to give you the opportunity to begin the process to grow and develop into the most powerful, authentic human being that you already are!

The challenge of personal growth begins here.

How much do you want to move away from your self limiting beliefs about yourself?

What are you willing to give up to live life on your terms?

How long have you been holding on, hoping things will change in another before, you can begin to start the change within you?

If any of these questions resonate with you, this workshop is where you might want to begin the journey back to you.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

The Chakra System (1 day)

This is looking at the Chakra System in detail with the psychological functioning of each centre with interpersonal exercises and handouts to take away. The day covers  theory as well as  practical. Sound (toning) and Colour Therapy are explored in relation to the individual Chakras as well as:

  • Meditation
  • Chi Quong
  • Movement /Dance
  • Interpersonal exercises
  • Dowsing
  • Balancing

Awareness on how to open and recognise blockage’s in each centre.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

The Throat Chakra (1-2 day)

Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th September
£55.00 day / £100.00 weekend
10-5pm BS2 Therapy Rooms, 127 Wilder Street, St. Pauls, Bristol BS2 8QU

The area around the Throat is where everything we communicate to in the world either comes from the Divine within or the Ego. Speaking our truth is sometimes the hardest challenge that faces us when we are fearful of loosing love or, perceived love.

The Throat for most people is the hardest place to communicate with. When we are small sometimes we are not given the freedom to express our self creatively, verbally or, to have our opinions respected or heard.

This causes the blockage which can create the start of a belief of not being good enough. Therefore, we learn to `shut up, be quiet`, not say anything and in essence, detach from the divine truth within.  Trauma is held at the Cellular level and is responsible for most dis-ease.

15th September, I will be running a personal development workshop on the Throat Chakra which will be inclusive of:

  • Exploring the Personal Stories that prevented us from being more in line with our truth
  • Techniques to unblock, charge and clear negative energy from the 5th Centre (Chakra)
  • Exploration of Pathways for opening to the divine nature within through meditation
  • Relationship Cord clearing
  • Break work
  • Grounding
  • Sound, Colour and Movement therapy

When you say yes to what is, you become aligned to the power and intelligence of Life itself.  Only then can you become an agent for positive change in the world


Stillness Speaks

This is going to be a small group to hold and support people in what they need.

Exploring the blocks that we hold energetically which prevent us from moving forward in life (1 day)

This is an interactive workshop to help you move forward. Tools are given to support the journey of self healing and personal development.

By looking at the Chakra system as a way of recognising the emotional and mental blockages that creates physical imbalances and disease.

Sound, movement, sharing is appropriate in this creative, deep learning transformative day which is held in a safe and learning space.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

Being in the Heart – An energetic journey to forgiveness (1 day)

This is open to those with knowledge of The Chakra System  and usually a follow on from the 1 day Chakra workshop which looks at the Heart Chakra in relation to the Astral plane.

Forgiveness for self and then others comes by way of releasing stored negative beliefs,pain and past experiences that stop the flow of life energy.This in turn affects the present with  thoughts and emotions that contribute to conditions such as strokes, heart disease and anxiety and respiratory problems.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

Meditation Day – Guidance on meditation (1 day)

For the beginner to meditation as well as the seasoned meditator wanting to join a group with visual guidance.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

Meditation Day –  Celestial Angelic guidance (1 day)

A Day of Angelic awakening with meditation, Celestial healing and alignment with your Angel guide who awaits you!

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

Wise Woman Wisdom (1 day)

This will be a gentle but uplifting, empowering workshop with emphasis on opening the intuitive self by allowing the energy of the Chakras to become actively awakened via Shamanic healing, sound, dance, meditation.

Group interaction allows you  to identify issues you need to heal or resolve. Mindful awareness gives you personal insight into your deeper core beliefs.

By healing the past, forgiving and letting go, awareness, release and integration of the 3 selves (the mask, higher and lower selves) you become consciously awakened in the heart of authentic love first for yourself then, for others.

The workshop will open the Wise woman wisdom that often lies dormant as a result of life experience we woman go through.

This offers a safe place to support and hold you while reclaiming yourself. As a result, we have more energy and more to give once we learn the tools of, self love.

As a result of the intense but fun way the workshop will run, spaces are limited on a first come basis.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life (2 day)

Day 1

An Energy healing transformational approach to living life on your terms by clearing the past and embracing the present.

Why are we stuck? The answer lies under layers of negative beliefs and fears of which we believe we are not lovable, acceptable or supported.

This intense 2 day workshop will help the individual to understand the reasons why they are attracted to the wrong people, why they attract negative experiences and why they are stuck in a life that keeps them trapped in self limiting beliefs.

Day 2

Being In the Heart –  Loving and Forgiving

Relationships, past lives, emotional pain, Core beliefs and all negative energy is held at the heart level ( the Astral Plane).

Clearing the debris of the past helps to create a space to bring about a new awareness and self love that can help one forgive them self, then others.

Both days combine meditation, movement, sharing, Spiritual transformational and creative techniques helps to bring the individual into deep learning of the journey to self.

There are no current dates for this workshop, please check back another day.

Improve my bond with my child or baby (1 day)

Information about this workshop coming soon.

Please contact me for more details