Retreats for personal development and stress management


Personal and Spiritual Development Retreats include personal growth, stress management, inner bonding, wellness and well being, emotional healing and renewal of mind and spirit.

I hold retreats in the UK as well as sunnier locations to rejuvenate  nourish and balance cluttered minds, tired bodies and emotional unrest.

Groups are small enough to allow attention to be paid individually and are between 4-10 days.

The setting sunNutrition is a feature to help the process of letting go. Balanced healthy meals are designed to help you readjust your sometimes unhealthy eating habits which cause stagnation in your energy fields and Chakra system.

Fresh air and peaceful time to reflect help release old patterns that create space for deeper insightfullness to issues in your life.

Included in the price:

  • Meals at the retreat
  • Accommodation
  • Classes

Not included:

  • Transport to and from destination
  • Energy healing Sessions
  • Massage sessions
  • Counselling (private)
  • Excursions


Women’s’ Wisdom

From 40 on women ask, what next?

A soul driven question can be answered with the tools you take away to create answers from this deep healing experience helping you to uncover, recover and discover. 

Please check back, there are no current dates for this retreat

Healing the Child, Empowering the Adult

The transformational healing journey of the Child within begins with the parenting of our adult self. Old wounds can be healed when emotional pain is released in a loving supportive way with patience and awareness around unresolved past issues.

Please check back, there are no current dates for this retreat

Energy Healing Retreat Spain

While we look at the world around us daily it is hard to break away from the momentum of daily life children, partners, society and family, life.

This 4 day retreat has been welcomed by people that have attended with me in the past. By giving a space to allow what ever is there to surface.

By way of this we look at:

  • The Integrity of the Inner Child – How the child got through life and how they respond to life now in the present moment.
  • Exploring the connection to the ‘Cold Womb’ – A process by working with the Cosmic Mother Principle. The healer.
  • Processing through evaluation of what you are holding onto in your life that prevents you from becoming the best version of yourself NOW.
  • Creative meditation Aligning with your truth to get through the pain of the past, your STORY, to help create the story you want to create in the present.
  • How to bring joy and peace into your life by owning your story but being the creative designer of a New Personal Transformational YOU! Allowing the creation of a new way of being in the world through deep Soul connection codevelop to help finding one’s true purpose.

Cost of workshop:

  • TBC – which does not include flights to the destination but includes breakfast and lunch, transfers to and from the airport.
  • x1 – 121 sessions

Deposits on booking £100 per person.

Because of the nature of the retreat, there will be limited numbers for people to get the very best of this exciting but intense workshop.

Min 4 max 8
Date: TBC – Please check back, there are no current dates for this retreat

The Inner Child Retreat

A creative 4 day retreat for anyone interested in healing the wounds of The Inner Child in a safe and supportive space. This looks at the pain of the Inner Child or, to begin to  explore the Inner Child. The individual will be supported in bringing out the longing of the Child self to help create a more positive and loving relationship with the adult self and the world at large. Self forgiveness is a big part of this retreat but the healing comes from the integrated measure of self development the individual is willing to go.

The backdrop of the surroundings will add to this 4 day retreat by  helping the individual to go deep within as well as allowing the changes necessary to take place while having solitary time and space to allow the integration.

Please check back, there are no current dates for this retreat

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