Courses for personal and spiritual development

If you wish to broaden your knowledge of energy healing and personal, spiritual development for professional or personal reasons this 1 year foundation course is tailored to suit groups or individuals by offering comprehensive learning tools to use as part of a holistic self development programme for self awareness and personal transformation.

Please get in touch and we’ll organise a date to suit you. We can have up to 4 people, so f you have any friends or family who would like to join, they are welcome.

Please email or call me to set up your personal workshop

Integrative Personal and Spiritual Development

A one year Foundation course spread over 7 weekends throughout the year giving you the opportunity to integrate the material that consists of specific theoretical reading and practical self development processing.

Each weekend we will learn about a Chakra (energy centre)  with its psychological function as well as learning how to balance and recognise blockages held there.

This will coincide each time with the relationship to one of the 7 levels of the Auric field

( Etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial,  ketheric template )

We will practice

  • Chi Qong
  • Meditation
  • Sound and Colour healing
  • Celestial Healing
  • Grounding technique’s
  • Group discussion
  • Core Energetic processing
  • Psycho drama
  • Dance / movement

The depth of the work ideally is suited to someone who has previously ventured into Personal and Spiritual Development but also open to those curious of Metaphysical and Esoteric teachings which supports  self awareness and self love.

A diploma will be given at the completion of the course which can be used towards CPPD ( continued personal and professional development).

Cost: £100 (£80) per weekend module or do the whole course (7 weekends) for just £600 (£500).

Only £900 (£800) if you book as a couple.

My Courses and workshops are designed to be a part of an awareness programme to bring Energy Healing and Personal /Spiritual Development to the conscious awakening Global community.

Workshop’s have been held in South America, Bermuda, USA and Portugal.

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