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Monthly Afro Caribbean & Asian heritage women’s support group in Bristol

Held Monthly
Contact Lana for more details of dates and the location.

This workshop is held on a monthly basis with a holistic approach to women’s well being.

The group meets up in central Bristol with the aim to support and hold women who find it hard to integrate into mainstream groups.

Cultural differences sometimes put women from the B.A.M.E. community at a disadvantage so with that in mind, the aim is to help women grow through self development by gaining confidence and a stronger sense of self.

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The Throat Chakra (1-2 day)

Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th September 2019
10am – 17.00pm
BS2 Therapy Rooms, 127 Wilder Street, St. Pauls, Bristol BS2 8QU

The area around the Throat is where everything we communicate to in the world either comes from the Divine within or the Ego. Speaking our truth is sometimes the hardest challenge that faces us when we are fearful of loosing love or, perceived love.

The Throat for most people is the hardest place to communicate with. When we are small sometimes we are not given the freedom to express our self creatively, verbally or, to have our opinions respected or heard.

This causes the blockage which can create the start of a belief of not being good enough. Therefore, we learn to `shut up, be quiet`, not say anything and in essence, detach from the divine truth within.  Trauma is held at the Cellular level and is responsible for most dis-ease.

15th September, I will be running a personal development workshop on the Throat Chakra which will be inclusive of:

  • Exploring the Personal Stories that prevented us from being more in line with our truth
  • Techniques to unblock, charge and clear negative energy from the 5th Centre (Chakra)
  • Exploration of Pathways for opening to the divine nature within through meditation
  • Relationship Cord clearing
  • Break work
  • Grounding
  • Sound, Colour and Movement therapy

When you say yes to what is, you become aligned to the power and intelligence of Life itself.  Only then can you become an agent for positive change in the world


Stillness Speaks

This is going to be a small group to hold and support people in what they need.


Please contact me for information and further details

07778 932 516