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with Lana Lynn Mareno

A great poem about the lower self..

This is by a client. I love it because it really shows you the lower self and how active it is within us.Its more about loving it and accepting it rather than rejecting the part of us we do not want people to see…our shadow self.



Spent all your money in the pub Then dancing naked in the club What a horror, what a shame You’ve only got yourself to blame

Forgive yourself

Lying there in a sweat
The anniversary you forget You haven’t got the guts to say You didn’t know it was today

Forgive yourself

You didn’t lose the excess weight Now you’re fat and that’s not great You’ll die alone, infirm and old
But insulated from the cold

Forgive yourself

Three hundred thousand things to do And you’ve done only one or two Feeling such a lazy bint
No wonder you’re so effing skint

Forgive yourself

Look at her: it’s not fair
Her life’s as perfect as her hair Four kids, a well paid City job
A banker husband (what a knob)

Forgive yourself

And as you stress and fret and worry, She does not falter, err or tarry,
Lack of effort, full of grace,
(I’d wipe that smile right off her face).

Forgive yourself

The green-eyed monster pulls you down: Her radiant glow; your wrinkled frown, The very little you both know
Is Hubbie’s shagging best mate Jo

Forgive yourself

You’re a light shining bright You’re a beacon in the night Your narky trolls – love them too For they’re a real part of you

Forgive yourself

A perfect life is an illusion
A perfect soul is a delusion
We all are made of dark and light And that is perfectly alright.


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2 Day Energy Healing Chakra workshop for the Autumn in Bristol.

                                      **ENERGY HEALING 2 DAY WORKSHOP**


A one day introductory workshop looking at The Aura and The Chakras exploring  techniques to break down energetic blocks that we acquire   throughout life which stops the free flowing vital energy needed to lead healthier, happier, more loving and positive lives, this workshop is for body  therapists and anyone interested in discovering the Chakras in more depth.

This can lead to an understanding of our connection with the Universal Energy Fields and how we get affected by life experiences when we are out of balance.

The day will cover:

*Chi Qigong exercises,

*Exploration of the Human Energy Field (Aura , 7 levels)

*The Chakra System in relation to the HEF (7 Energy Centres)


*Color and Sound Healing

*Chakra Toning/Balancing and an Energy Healing demo.

Time: 10 am-6pm


When things happen to us in life we feel pain around our heart.

The pain we experience on a Physical level can be a result of holding onto things from our past and contribute to such ailments as heart disease, strokes, respiratory problems amongst other things.

This workshop looks at that pain through the energetic connection we have with the Astral Plane ( Heart 4th Chakra) to life experiences held in our sub consciousness / consciousness.

Looking at the Astral level of the HEF by exploring our Heart Chakra where we experience unconditional love, this workshop gives the room support and, space to let go which can lead to a shift in awareness of everything in life.In turn, creating new vitality within the life force energy centers to help heal the past, this allows for happiness to flow easier from the heart to the world around you as well as within.

The Day will cover:

*Chi Quong


*Astral meditation

*Colour and Sound Healing

*Interactive exercises to help open the Heart

*Time to reflect, uncover, discover and recover.

This workshop is for those as a follow on who have attended Day 1.)

*A shared lunch is suggested for both workshops.

Cost:     £50.00 per person day 1 ( concession £45)

Paid in full – £90.00 pp 2 Day workshop ( £80.00 pp concession)



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Sharing something from Osho

Have a Heart! This relates to the Astral level  (Heart) Chakra
I have been experiencing pain of varying degrees in my chest for some years. It disappears when I love, when I melt….
It is not physical; it is certainly concerned with relaxation, total melting, forgetting oneself completely. In those moments it disappears, so certainly it is not physical. You have to learn to give more love. This is not only your problem; in varying degrees it is the problem of everybody.

Everybody wants to be loved; that is a wrong beginning.

It starts because the child, the small child, cannot love, cannot say anything, cannot do anything, cannot give anything; he can only get. A small child’s experience of love is of getting: getting from the mother, getting from the father, getting from brothers, sisters, getting from guests, strangers – but always getting. So the first experience that settles deep in his unconscious is that he has to get love.

But the trouble arises because everybody has been a child, and everybody has the same urge to get love; nobody is born in any other way. So all are asking, “Give us love,” and there is nobody to give because the other person was also brought up in the same way.

One has to be alert and aware that just an incident of birth should not remain a constant prevailing state of your mind.

Rather than asking, “Give me love,” start giving love. Forget about getting, simply give  and I guarantee you, you will get much.

But you are not to think about getting. You are not even indirectly, by the side, to watch whether you are getting it or not. That much will be enough disturbance. You simply give, because to give love is so beautiful that getting love is not so great. This is one of the secrets.

Giving love is the really beautiful experience, because then you are an emperor. Getting love is very small experience, and it is the experience of a beggar. Don’t be a beggar. At least as far as love is concerned, be an emperor, because it is an inexhaustible quality in you. You can go on giving as much as you like. Don’t be worried that it will be exhausted, that one day you will suddenly find, “My God! I don’t have any love to give anymore.”

Love is not a quantity; it is a quality, and a quality of a certain category that grows by giving and dies if you hold it. If you are miserly about it, it dies. So be really spendthrift. Don’t bother to whom  that is really the idea of a miserly mind: I will give love to certain persons with certain qualities. You don’t understand that you have so much…you are a raincloud.

The raincloud does not bother where it rains – on the rocks, in the gardens, in the ocean – it doesn’t matter. It wants to unburden itself. And that unburdening is a tremendous relief.

So the first secret is: Don’t ask for it, and don’t wait, thinking that you will give if somebody asks you. Give it!

Just give your love to anybody – a stranger. It is not a question that you have to give something very valuable, just a helping hand and that will be enough. In twenty-four hours, whatever you do should be done with love, and the pain in your heart will disappear. And because you will be so loving, people will love you. It is a natural law. You get what you give. In fact you get more than you give.

Learn giving, and you will find so many people being loving towards you who had never looked at you, who had never bothered about you. Your problem is that you have a heart full of love but you have been a miser; that love has become a burden on the heart. Rather than making the heart blossom you have been hoarding it, so once in a while when you are in a moment of love you feel it disappearing. But why one moment? Why not every moment?

It is not even a question of a living being. You can touch this chair with a loving hand. The thing depends on you, not on the object.

Then you will find a great relaxation and a great disappearance of your self – which is a burden – and a melting into the whole.

This is certainly a disease, in the literal meaning of the word: it is a dis-ease. It is not sickness, so no physician can help you. It is simply a tense state of your heart that just wants to give more and more. Perhaps you have more love than other people, perhaps you are more fortunate, and you are making out of your fortune a great misery for yourself. Share it, without bothering to whom you are giving.

Just give it, and you will find tremendous peace and silence. This will become your meditation.

One can come to meditation through many directions; perhaps this is going to be your direction.

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Talk #41


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I am interested in hearing from anyone who has found help with Holistic Therapy for addictions of any kind.

I am working in an addictions clinic where I see the positive results with meditation,dance and movement by bringing people into their body.The results are wonderful to see especially when grounding with Chi Quong and dance to help them connect to the earth energy.

What i,ve noticed is with awareness and attention to scattered energy,by grounding and coming into the body the higher self for a lot of people with addiction is something they are disconnected from . Connection to the emotional field where guilt and shame reside  enables them to connect with awareness before the self forgiving occurs  when being held in a non judgemental way. Any thoughts and shares would be appreciated.

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-A one day workshop on the Chakra system coming in June at The practice Rooms Clifton Bristol.

-Drop in bi-weekly Chakra meditation eves at Hamilton House Stokes Croft :

Next date Monday 20th May 7-8  (donation)



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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my website and blog. I look forward to sharing information with you soon.

An explanation for some who knew me as LYNN HUNT. I dropped the surname belonging to the ex and took back my maiden name. Lana was my middle name I now choose to put as my first name!

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