The Dark Night of the Soul: ~ Paradise found. A meditation

A way of moving through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ from my own experience recently, was to surrender.

Does learning to surrender come through Spiritual maturity? Do the sage’s of old learn from birth that wisdom is within and that we are all born adequately provided with all we need?

We CAN choose peace over fear. We can experience Spiritual Transitioning. What does that mean?

When going through human ‘stuff’ in life the only way out is to ‘allow’. Learn from it and move on.

Easier said than done. This is hard for the hopelessness some people will feel depending on the life circumstances.

Moving through life’s traumas, letting go of old patterns, behaviours and beliefs can be an exhausting experience.

This episode includes information on Energy Healing and the different techniques used to help break down the blocks that keep us trapped within our own darkness.

There can be light through the trees, we just have to believe.

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