The Dark Night of the Soul: An exploration into the unknown

This episode explores a Book written by Mateo Sol who states, at some point that most of us go through a phenomenon known as the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’.  After falling victim to the Corona Virus in March 2020, I had one night where I believed that this was it!  I pulled through; it was not my time.

But I will never forget the surrendering I experienced in the midst of a personal awakening to the question we all ask at junctions of a transition while examining spiritual philosophy; what is my purpose? 

Since then, life has changed, and I recognise change had been happening in the run up to the pandemic.  

My spiritual connection means so much more to me as I seek to understand, what that ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ has shown me.  

Detachment simply from everything I perceived as important. Including the Egocentric mindset.

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