Victim to Survivor: The 4 Coping Mechanisms that helped save a woman as a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse.

How does a child overcome and survive the horrific horror of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)?

From Victim to Survivor, Sabah Kaiser is the Ethnic Minority Ambassador to the independent inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Part of the inquiry is the Truth Project, providing victims and survivors of child sexual abuse with an opportunity to share their experience and put forward suggestions for change.

5 podcast episodes cover the subject of child sexual abuse from a victim who became a survivor by way of developing 4 coping mechanisms.

Her account as a survivor tells the story from a 7 year old child of Asian origin and the culture she was born into which advocated silence.

Sabah found a voice, which took her on her journey to where she is today! For further information visit: and

Victim to Survivor (1/5)

Victim to Survivor (2/5)

Victim to Survivor (3/5)

Victim to Survivor (4/5)

Victim to Survivor (5/5)

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