Why Do We ‘Rescue’ People?

Well, if we were listened too or nurtured properly there is a possibility that we as adults we wouldn’t feel the need to ‘rescue’ others. What I am finding more and more with clients coming specifically with energetic blocks, feeling burned out and so on is, when you go into their story, they are tired. Tired of life, tired of trying to make relationships work, tired of trying to hold everything together. There comes a point where the physical body say’s ‘ Ive had enough ‘ ! Sickness and dis-ease can only breed when there is an imbalance in the emotional and mental fields. To love oneself properly, we can learn one simple word. NO. this though is hard for many.

Lets take a case scenario. Parent/s are working all the time. Little child needs attention. Absent parent equals dependant on anyone who will look after them. The rescue bit comes in when the child learns to say yes to everything and everyone ( in some cases of development where an adult has dependancy issues ).

The Inner Child is constant in the search for love and will do anything to get it. From there, going into rescue mode is a way of getting conditioned love back. Abandoning the self means compromising yourself to make others feel better about themselves. Unconditional love is, ‘I will help You but I cannot save you”. From here, you are on the way to a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

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