Energy Healing on the Heart Chakra Feb 3rd/4th Clifton Bristol

A 2 day workshop exploring the Heart Chakra in relation to how much we hold at the level of the Astral Field.

Bringing a desire to opening the self up to look at how much the Physical health is affected by the blockages that cause  Illness. The seat of emotional consciousness, the Heart Chakra is paramount as the bridge between the human conditioning and the Spiritual bodies

( 5th, 6th, and 7th Chakras ).

The day will include awareness in what one is holding from their past to help the transformational work by letting go of so many things relating to life and experiences.

Sorrow , grief, sadness, pain , bitterness, resentment , all emotions that prevent the life force from flowing within.

Meditation, discussion, Chakra healing / balancing are aspects of the workshop that allows :

  • Awareness
  • Release
  • Integration

By looking at :


-Energetic Cords which keep us attached to the past

-Past lives

-Forgiveness for self and others

The breakthrough.

How we can use certain tools to let go of the pain held at the Heart level which  can manifest from  mental and emotional pain to a physical illness.

Venue; The Practice Rooms , Clifton Bristol.

£60.00 day –

£100 weekend .

9.30 – 4.00pm

limited spaces . Please call to book a space.



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