Memo to self: For new year, take a break.

Almost every year as we head towards Christmas , I get angst about everything. The Solstice on December can be a time for some to enjoy as the midwinter period when an astronomical phenomenon takes place marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year.  It all seems so surreal. Energetic change taking place all the time stirring people into a frenzy of desperation or stillness.

The madness of the holiday for some only serve’s to give them the excuse to forget all their troubles and woes. Everything that is and has happened to them, has to be put away until well, the holidays are over.

Definitely, I am not a party pooper but the reality is, when do we take a break from the world and focus on our inner most essential part of our being ? Not often because the external world can expect most of us to put on a great smile, have a cup of tea and enjoy the seasonal day to day world by joining in with the collective festive seasonal love.

But if we put aside whats really going on, how do we deal with whats going on  internally?  The monkey brain of self critisim  that never stops. The self judgement of guilt making us believe that we are  not doing enough to make others happy and the jury mind which will dissect  every thought to come up with a verdict for you to survive the holidays to suit others.

When we are going through inner crisis emotionally it can  touch on others emotions so we create an energetic disharmony within them that they for whatever reason, cannot deal with. I know someone who was told she was too miserable and not christmasy enough by her own sister and not being cheery enough, spoiling others fun  knowing that her husband had left her only a few months earlier.

We are human and the human conditioning can be in our favour when and as it requires. The key to essential living is taking a break every so often. Give time for gratitude, joy, and above all, self love. Putting feelings aside to deal with later won’t help in the long term. Today is all we have. ‘To thine own self , be true.’ A fabulous quote that I read once and try to go by in times of disharmony.

Reflection gives time and space to think of all the positive aspects of the season that can get you through no matter how bad life is by facing the issues, addressing them, becoming aware of what needs to change which will ultimatley, keep you in the now. Ask for support from a trusted person who loves you unconditionally.A good listening ear can be the answer to helping you to make positive decisions.

Bring life to your inner most loving part. You.Taking  a break  from the self that is connected to the madness of the world and remembering, if you believe that we are  spirit living the human experience, we can choose to let go of old thought patterns and behaviours to start seeing a new way of being in the world which leads you to authentic joy and happiness.

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