Cutting Through The Crap !!

Thank you for today- I think it was a long time coming for me to face up to certain things and let go of what no longer serves me. You have a way of cutting through the crap and getting to the heart of the matter. ( from a client)

Confirmation is always welcome as a reminder, it is not about me. As a practitioner of Integral Core Therapy it speaks for itself.

When we speak about the ‘crap’ in our life we are speaking about what no longer nurtures us ( Core beliefs ) or supports our journey.
How much value do you put on yourself and your life, your happiness frame and the structure of happiness?

When we are ready , we are ready. There comes that defining moment of letting go and the funny thing is, sometimes we are not aware that we have already let go !
The physical will heal once we address the imbalance of emotional and mental pain . Spiritual awareness comes as a result of owning the ‘crap’, dealing with it and stepping out.😉☯️
Become the better version of you today.

December 2017.

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