Dealing with hard periods in life. Inner Child Healing.

Recently I,ve noticed a lot of activity from clients with issues around childhood.

I don’t know why the universe is throwing this up but it makes me think of how connected we all are. In my childhood, I never always felt safe, there was a lack of consistency in all departments. Emotions, mental state and physical disorders that kept me unconsciously aware that something was always wrong. Well, now, as an adult, I can completely relate to a lot of people I see whose childhoods were affected or interrupted  for whatever reason.

My mother was unable to hold me emotionally so as a child from a one parent family my needs could not all be met. I was dependant on mothers love . Not knowing what issues she was going through at the time and what I found out later in life as an adult her problems she was dealing with it all makes sense now.Her Inner Child was looking for love.

But, as a child I was confused and miserable. Something wasn’t right.  Its not until we have the emotional  Intelligence to cognitively look at the past and understand why our development was not straightforward and blocks that numbed us out from feeling became our defenses.

Childhood memories good or bad, can be a source of comfort or pain. When we are courageous enough to choose to look at the past and go into the blocks, the miracles begin to unfold. We can accept eventually everything once it is made transparent.

My workshops on Inner Child Healing are valuable and I still get the thrill of being the child when allowed to be but also, I have learnt to recognise the Child in others that just wants to be heard, seen and above all , loved. It starts with healing and ends with self parental guidance, love and support.No one can give us that but ourselves.

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