A new personal transformational YOU!

An intensive 2 day workshop to help you discover
A new personal Transformational YOU!
How can you learn to be yourself ?
What are the blocks that have created your negative belief systems ?
What is stopping you from being YOU?
The tools to unlocking the answers to your uniqueness lie in this 2 day Personal & Spiritual development workshop to help you uncover those answers.

By exploring the ancient wisdom of the Chakra System, you will be shown how to identify blockages in your 7 major energy centres by way of understanding :

. Why you carry so much physical, emotional & mental pain, illness and dis-ease.
. The way to break down your negative Core beliefs and feelings about yourself through your emotional body and how to become more creative by exploring the blocks of the Inner Child.
. Self Empowerment, confidence and self esteem and what it is that has stopped you from achieving your greatness.
. How to unblock the pain in your heart , letting go of the past and sadness by learning how to forgive yourself.
. Connection to your divine will by finding your voice.
. Opening to your higher wisdom with Celestial Healing
. Connection to the divine love of your spiritual being.

Lana Lynn Mareno is an Intuitive Energy healing Therapist, Body Psychotherapist and
Integral Core practitioner with 30 years experience as a body worker.
Visit her website www.wellnessjourneys.co.uk for more information .

To book a space a concealing or energy healing session or to find out more about her workshop in Scotland 2-4th Sept, call Lisa Burns on 07506712785
Email : lana@wellnessjourneys.co.uk

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