A personal transformational You. Starting June 1st. A FREE online programme

Starting on June 1st, this will be a 7 week programme on line to help you understand the 7 principles of life through the 7 major energy centres. If you wish to join a 1 on 1 programme beyond that, I will give you the transformational tools that will help you grow and understand how our personal development comes from understanding the lower energy bodies as well as the higher energy bodies.
To live life in the fullness of NOW, we must learn how to clear the debris from the past to make room for the fullness of your present life. Please email or call me with any questions. See you 1st June, 6am for the new YOU!

Changes happen when we let go of old self limiting beliefs. The time is NOW to change your life, your thoughts, your beliefs that prevent you from OWNING the greatest part of you. Your life.

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