My journey from my past that heals my present

Years ago when I was at the start of my journey, I did not know anything. Everything was happening to me. I experienced painful things on every level but as I become sicker, I found a book called “Power in Prayer”. It was literally, put into my lap. I read it and by the end, I was forgiving of everything and everyone who had hurt me in my younger life.

My body, emotionally, physically and mentally began to heal (although I still work on the healing as part of my life journey) but above all, that little book helped me to understand that no matter what happens, we have to live in gratitude for everything that happens to us, good and bad. I know accepting pain might feel hard to do. It’s certainly much easier to accept pleasure.

This forms a big part of the work I do; To realise and understand that the Core negative experiences we hold from the past, can and will pull us apart.

Being a victim to the past stops you from living fully in the present momment. Mindfullness can be hard to do, becoming aware of what you are reacting to as a defence to protecting yourself but, it is something we have to become in order to move on. We are here for a short time and life will challenge us but how we see those challenges and what we learn from them, is the important thing. LIMG_0145et not your heart be troubled. I never forgot this statement I was told many years ago. Our heart hurts with the past sometimes, the weight of the past. We can heal if, we are ready.

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