Stenghten my bond with my baby

Strengthen my bond with my baby.

A series of workshops to help the parent/s to connect to their baby or toddler.

This is especially beneficial for women who experienced traumatic births in some case’s  where there was an energetic dis-connection. Children who cry for no reason outside of their basic need’s sometimes come into this life time leaving behind a spiritual world that they were happy in . The human experience can be a frightening one and very abrasive which causes the fear and anxiety to get trapped in the baby’s body that can lead to physical dis-turbnce.

Also, beneficial  for women who have had miscarriages and are entering pregnancy again with fear of a repetition which, can cause energy blockages in the pregnant woman as well as disconnection from their child for un- conscious /conscious fear of loosing a child again.

This workshop will give the participant tools  to go away .

STARTING IN FEBRUARY 2016 in North & South Bristol UK.




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