2 day workshop coming up Sat 8th -9th February at The Practice Rooms Clifton

I have done many workshops and always try to learn from the past one to update my information that I have to share with others.

As far as the Chakra system is concerned, there is so much to learn from it and I cannot say how much it has changed my life in recognising the blocks held within each centre that has a physiological , psychological and emotional effect on our wellbeing.

The tools that you take away with you are tried and tested, believe me! I never know how the day will pan out and most people that have attended over the years have always left with a feeling of knowing a little bit more about themselves, how they react to the world, the ‘stuff’ they have been carrying around for years and in some cases, lifetimes! So i,m always excited about facilitating new groups of people who like myself, are continually processing their life experiences and letting go by learning more about how their metaphysical bodies create the disturbances in their physical state, their defences as well as the spiritual reconnection they make by opening up.

Nobody is pushed or shoved into doing anything they do not want to do. Dance, movement and sound is a big part of our energies being released and moved out to make way for new energy, thoughts, beliefs to enter our system.. stagnant energy does not create well being so I always ask people to challenge themselves rather than force themselves. There’s a big difference in that.


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