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What is Energy Healing ?

by Lana lynn Mareno DSEH

I am asked all the time, what is Energy Healing?

Depending on how long I have at any given time the answer can vary from Body psychotherapy to, a holistic approach to releasing blockages that are created in our energetic system to, guiding the individual on to a journey of self observation and self discovery. These are a handful of the replies I would give.

Of course, there are those skeptics who would see anything without scientific back up as another paranormal ‘trendy therapy’.

Energy Healing stretches back to the beginning of time.  Simply, we healed our selves and, still can. The fact is that now we have become so disconnected to ourselves we no longer feel, or allow the process of healing to flow naturally. Life has sped up and our ability to stop, and listen is becoming more a thing of the past. Our intuition, god given to all of us is now something most of us choose, not to listen too.

When we come into the world, we are perfect. Look at a baby and the purity of it’s being, we graduate from that state as life begins to unfold. We accumulate pain, along the way causing the blocks to get denser and bigger.

Energy healing is a holistic approach to facilitating the return journey back to wholeness. It involves tracing the cause of any suffering through the physical and emotional symptoms to its roots deep within our psyche.

Because the natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and vitality, we experience illness when we have difficulties in our lives. The experience becomes too painful to accept so we freeze the unresolved energy into these blockages in our energy field. This helps to deplete our vital energy, hence we become sick.

These disorders can be in the form of anything from stress related issues like the nervous system breaking down, cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, Respiratory complaints, Neuromuscular diseases ( MS, ME..) and so on. Even a pain in the leg would be accounted as a holding pattern of emotional pain.

An Energy Healer guiding the individual will assist in bringing these blockages to the light, helping them to be released.

This process facilitates the conscious resolution of life issues, which enables healing on all levels including physical health, emotional well being, loving relationships and spiritual realization.

The Human Energy Field has four dimensions;

Physical;   Chronic disturbances on the mental and emotional levels create holding patterns in the body that lead to tension, ill health and disease. The roots of these are found in the cellular memory.


Aura;   There are seven levels with various charka’s and energy centers that make up auras.   It is the dimension of our personality or ego.  It contains both healthy and distorted patterns, which we acquire through life determining how we see the world around us. Disease manifests itself at this level prior to manifestation on the physical level.

Intention;   Our life purpose is accessed on this dimension.  In the pain of forgetting our intention we become lost, and disconnected to our true purpose in life. Aligning our intention to truth allows our life to flow with ease and grace.

Essence;   This is the state of pure original being. This is where we know the perfection of love in the here and now. The impulses of Essence expressing in life are often partially distorted or veiled by our ego self. As we allow our selves to go through the process of healing, our Essence is revealed to us in daily life.

What to expect from an Energy Healing session

There are three steps to a healing session which, are the same three steps that can take place over a series of sessions depending on the individuals needs and resistance to letting go. Some people have tried everything and as a last resort, look at alternative options.    An Energy therapist will never take an individual further than they are ready to go, as this could restrict the effect on the outcome of future sessions.

Awareness;     Through discussion and information provided by the client the therapist is able to clarify the issues to be addressed. Self healing and self transpersonal development which is always ongoing for the energy therapist, allows extra sensory perception expansion outside of the normal five senses we all have, helping in aiding the client in discovering the original cause of their condition.

Release;     Involves hands on Energy healing using a variety of techniques including chakra balancing and regeneration, Inner child work, Relationship cord healing, Color / sound therapy, Spine, organ clearing, Clearing Ancestral patterns, Astral healing, Psychic Surgery, Healing with Angels, Intention alignment, Opening to receiving guidance, Past life Regression.   Release can include phases of passively receiving energy work and possibly more cathartic emotional release. This is usually done with the client laying down, fully clothed, on a therapy table.

Integration;     The sessions are always completed with grounding and bringing into consciousness the newly awakened life force, such that the healing can be integrated into life.  This involves further energy work and sharing of guidance received during the session.

Benefits of Energy Healing ;    From loving acceptance of oneself to the resolution of chronic physical and psychological conditions.

Sometimes there are dramatic improvements in only one or two sessions, a series of sessions is the best way of helping you to go beyond physical health to spiritual evolution.

Energy Healing is complimentary to orthodox medicine, Pilates, Yoga, Feldonkris and Gyrotonik modalities of healthcare.


Hands of Light by  Barbara Ann Brenan  /  Light Emerging by     Barbara Ann Brenan


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