2 Day Energy Healing Chakra workshop for the Autumn in Bristol.

                                      **ENERGY HEALING 2 DAY WORKSHOP**


A one day introductory workshop looking at The Aura and The Chakras exploring  techniques to break down energetic blocks that we acquire   throughout life which stops the free flowing vital energy needed to lead healthier, happier, more loving and positive lives, this workshop is for body  therapists and anyone interested in discovering the Chakras in more depth.

This can lead to an understanding of our connection with the Universal Energy Fields and how we get affected by life experiences when we are out of balance.

The day will cover:

*Chi Qigong exercises,

*Exploration of the Human Energy Field (Aura , 7 levels)

*The Chakra System in relation to the HEF (7 Energy Centres)


*Color and Sound Healing

*Chakra Toning/Balancing and an Energy Healing demo.

Time: 10 am-6pm


When things happen to us in life we feel pain around our heart.

The pain we experience on a Physical level can be a result of holding onto things from our past and contribute to such ailments as heart disease, strokes, respiratory problems amongst other things.

This workshop looks at that pain through the energetic connection we have with the Astral Plane ( Heart 4th Chakra) to life experiences held in our sub consciousness / consciousness.

Looking at the Astral level of the HEF by exploring our Heart Chakra where we experience unconditional love, this workshop gives the room support and, space to let go which can lead to a shift in awareness of everything in life.In turn, creating new vitality within the life force energy centers to help heal the past, this allows for happiness to flow easier from the heart to the world around you as well as within.

The Day will cover:

*Chi Quong


*Astral meditation

*Colour and Sound Healing

*Interactive exercises to help open the Heart

*Time to reflect, uncover, discover and recover.

This workshop is for those as a follow on who have attended Day 1.)

*A shared lunch is suggested for both workshops.

Cost:     £50.00 per person day 1 ( concession £45)

Paid in full – £90.00 pp 2 Day workshop ( £80.00 pp concession)



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