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with Lana Lynn Mareno

A New Personal Transformational YOU !

A New Personal Transformational YOU!

This is for those on the path of self-discovery or open to a transformation that happens as a result of realisations.

The realisations lead you to wonder about new possibilities and new insights about how life can be a happier journey, especially if you are at a crossroads in life with the Big Question: what now?

Sometimes the answer is there in front of us.

Making changes to the way you think, act and engage in life on all levels, lead us to a new sense of being and believing that anything is possible.

The past holds us back… the present is scary… but the future holds the reward.

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Learning to love this day as it is

How do we learn to love the traffic? A metaphor for, how do we accept everything as it is?

Living in the moment and owning the authenticity of who we really are means the contractions that prevent us energetically, mentally or emotionally from growing, can keep us stuck in the past.

The challenge is to live from where we are right now; Acceptance of the day. This is relevant always, and especially now in 2021, where the uncertain keeps us trapped in fear because of 2020 and the world that changed with so much global and personal loss.

We will come through this.

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Documentation of love. A personal account of how to detach and attach to the one thing we all are. Love

Strength, faith, understanding, patience, guidance and wisdom are virtues we can choose to live by.

We are lovable, acceptable and unique beings, who through life experiences, have learnt to criticise and un-love our self.

Health and happiness are dependent on letting go of who and what we THINK we are… …and adjusting to who we REALLY are.

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Spiritual beings living the human experience

It makes sense that our journey in life, one of many lifetimes, has to be towards wellness.

All experiences, both good and not so good, eventually lead us back to our authentic self, through the paths we choose to take.

Healing begins when we choose to bravely step onto a new path, when we are ready to take the next step towards healing of our past.

This is the Journey to Wellness.

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The Dark Night of the Soul: ~ Paradise found. A meditation

A way of moving through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ from my own experience recently, was to surrender.

Does learning to surrender come through Spiritual maturity? Do the sage’s of old learn from birth that wisdom is within and that we are all born adequately provided with all we need?

We CAN choose peace over fear. We can experience Spiritual Transitioning. What does that mean?

When going through human ‘stuff’ in life the only way out is to ‘allow’. Learn from it and move on.

Easier said than done. This is hard for the hopelessness some people will feel depending on the life circumstances.

Moving through life’s traumas, letting go of old patterns, behaviours and beliefs can be an exhausting experience.

This episode includes information on Energy Healing and the different techniques used to help break down the blocks that keep us trapped within our own darkness.

There can be light through the trees, we just have to believe.

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The Dark Night of the Soul: An exploration into the unknown

This episode explores a Book written by Mateo Sol who states, at some point that most of us go through a phenomenon known as the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’.  After falling victim to the Corona Virus in March 2020, I had one night where I believed that this was it!  I pulled through; it was not my time.

But I will never forget the surrendering I experienced in the midst of a personal awakening to the question we all ask at junctions of a transition while examining spiritual philosophy; what is my purpose? 

Since then, life has changed, and I recognise change had been happening in the run up to the pandemic.  

My spiritual connection means so much more to me as I seek to understand, what that ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ has shown me.  

Detachment simply from everything I perceived as important. Including the Egocentric mindset.

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The Journey to Self Love: Review, Reflect, Readjust and Revive.

The journey to self-love can be a challenge for many.

How do we start?

Reviewing something from the past that opens the heart in love can lead us to reflection on a happier time, when possibilities were endless.

Reflecting on the joy of life no matter how short or long it was, a moment even, can help us readjust and choose another way that can lead us to where we are now, in any situation, that has blocked our joy.

Reviving the joy of life is a spontaneous act.

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Be True to Yourself: How others will change as a result.

Being true to yourself.

That statement, to one, does not mean the same to another.

Others change as a result of communication if, it is spoken in truth.

Being true to oneself can change relationships, even break them. But compromising our voice, by not speaking up, prevents our journey to wellness.

The Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra are connected, not by choice but in the nature of letting go of grievances and unspoken anger.

Our Inner Child will always have a voice. It is our choice us to listen to it and acknowledge that voice.

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The Authentic Heart. Dismantling of blocks to embracing emotions.

Why do I sometimes feel so sad?

I now understand personally, as someone who has suffered unbalanced emotions throughout life, that some people believe that depression is something that is unnatural and it must be ‘healed’.

My experience is that depression and anxiety come from imbalances within our energy subtle bodies; a delayed response to anything that impacts on our harmony or, inner joy.

When I choose to allow my emotions to be what they are, I can also choose the path of healing that is right for me.

Healing does not happen in a linear fashion. It causes for us to pay attention, allow and mostly forgive ourselves for believing (whatever that is that has made us believe) that we are wrong, not right, not acceptable and above all, not lovable.

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