with Lana Lynn Mareno

Why Do We ‘Rescue’ People?

August 9, 2019

Well, if we were listened too or nurtured properly there is a possibility that we as adults we wouldn’t feel the need to ‘rescue’ others. What I am finding more and more with clients coming specifically with energetic blocks, feeling burned out and so on is, when you go into their story, they are tired. Tired of life, tired of trying to make relationships work, tired of trying to hold everything together. There comes a point where the physical body say’s ‘ Ive had enough ‘ ! Sickness and dis-ease can only breed when there is an imbalance in the emotional and mental fields. To love oneself properly, we can learn one simple word. NO. this though is hard for many.

Lets take a case scenario. Parent/s are working all the time. Little child needs attention. Absent parent equals dependant on anyone who will look after them. The rescue bit comes in when the child learns to say yes to everything and everyone ( in some cases of development where an adult has dependancy issues ).

The Inner Child is constant in the search for love and will do anything to get it. From there, going into rescue mode is a way of getting conditioned love back. Abandoning the self means compromising yourself to make others feel better about themselves. Unconditional love is, ‘I will help You but I cannot save you”. From here, you are on the way to a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

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Workshop feedback 30/8/2018

September 12, 2018

Hi Lana,

I wanted to say thank you for presenting on Thursday evening and hosting the energy healing workshop on Saturday.
I am really pleased we met and I had the opportunity to find out more about a subject I previously knew very little about. Being in Bristol seems to be giving me the opportunity to explore areas of interest I didn’t know I had!!

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Inner Child Workshop 10th June 2018 . Bristol

May 11, 2018

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of activity from clients with issues around childhood.

I don’t know why the universe is throwing this up but it makes me think of how connected we all are. In my childhood, I never always felt safe, there was a lack of consistency in all departments. Emotions, mental state and physical disorders that kept me unconsciously aware that something was always wrong. Well, now, as an adult, I can completely relate to a lot of people I see whose childhoods were affected or interrupted  for whatever reason.

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Energy Healing on the Heart Chakra Feb 3rd/4th Clifton Bristol

February 1, 2018

A 2 day workshop exploring the Heart Chakra in relation to how much we hold at the level of the Astral Field.

Bringing a desire to opening the self up to look at how much the Physical health is affected by the blockages that cause  Illness. The seat of emotional consciousness, the Heart Chakra is paramount as the bridge between the human conditioning and the Spiritual bodies

( 5th, 6th, and 7th Chakras ).

The day will include awareness in what one is holding from their past to help the transformational work by letting go of so many things relating to life and experiences.

Sorrow , grief, sadness, pain , bitterness, resentment , all emotions that prevent the life force from flowing within.

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Memo to self: For new year, take a break.

December 24, 2017

Almost every year as we head towards Christmas , I get angst about everything. The Solstice on 21.st December can be a time for some to enjoy as the midwinter period when an astronomical phenomenon takes place marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year.  It all seems so surreal. Energetic change taking place all the time stirring people into a frenzy of desperation or stillness.

The madness of the holiday for some only serve’s to give them the excuse to forget all their troubles and woes. Everything that is and has happened to them, has to be put away until well, the holidays are over.

Definitely, I am not a party pooper but the reality is, when do we take a break from the world and focus on our inner most essential part of our being ? Not often because the external world can expect most of us to put on a great smile, have a cup of tea and enjoy the seasonal day to day world by joining in with the collective festive seasonal love.

But if we put aside whats really going on, how do we deal with whats going on  internally?  The monkey brain of self critisim  that never stops. The self judgement of guilt making us believe that we are  not doing enough to make others happy and the jury mind which will dissect  every thought to come up with a verdict for you to survive the holidays to suit others.

When we are going through inner crisis emotionally it can  touch on others emotions so we create an energetic disharmony within them that they for whatever reason, cannot deal with. I know someone who was told she was too miserable and not christmasy enough by her own sister and not being cheery enough, spoiling others fun  knowing that her husband had left her only a few months earlier.

We are human and the human conditioning can be in our favour when and as it requires. The key to essential living is taking a break every so often. Give time for gratitude, joy, and above all, self love. Putting feelings aside to deal with later won’t help in the long term. Today is all we have. ‘To thine own self , be true.’ A fabulous quote that I read once and try to go by in times of disharmony.

Reflection gives time and space to think of all the positive aspects of the season that can get you through no matter how bad life is by facing the issues, addressing them, becoming aware of what needs to change which will ultimatley, keep you in the now. Ask for support from a trusted person who loves you unconditionally.A good listening ear can be the answer to helping you to make positive decisions.

Bring life to your inner most loving part. You.Taking  a break  from the self that is connected to the madness of the world and remembering, if you believe that we are  spirit living the human experience, we can choose to let go of old thought patterns and behaviours to start seeing a new way of being in the world which leads you to authentic joy and happiness.

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Cutting Through The Crap !!

December 12, 2017

Thank you for today- I think it was a long time coming for me to face up to certain things and let go of what no longer serves me. You have a way of cutting through the crap and getting to the heart of the matter. ( from a client)

Confirmation is always welcome as a reminder, it is not about me. As a practitioner of Integral Core Therapy it speaks for itself.

When we speak about the ‘crap’ in our life we are speaking about what no longer nurtures us ( Core beliefs ) or supports our journey.
How much value do you put on yourself and your life, your happiness frame and the structure of happiness?

When we are ready , we are ready. There comes that defining moment of letting go and the funny thing is, sometimes we are not aware that we have already let go !
The physical will heal once we address the imbalance of emotional and mental pain . Spiritual awareness comes as a result of owning the ‘crap’, dealing with it and stepping out.😉☯️
Become the better version of you today.

December 2017.

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Dealing with hard periods in life. Inner Child Healing.

November 20, 2017

Recently I,ve noticed a lot of activity from clients with issues around childhood.

I don’t know why the universe is throwing this up but it makes me think of how connected we all are. In my childhood, I never always felt safe, there was a lack of consistency in all departments. Emotions, mental state and physical disorders that kept me unconsciously aware that something was always wrong. Well, now, as an adult, I can completely relate to a lot of people I see whose childhoods were affected or interrupted  for whatever reason.

My mother was unable to hold me emotionally so as a child from a one parent family my needs could not all be met. I was dependant on mothers love . Not knowing what issues she was going through at the time and what I found out later in life as an adult her problems she was dealing with it all makes sense now.Her Inner Child was looking for love.

But, as a child I was confused and miserable. Something wasn’t right.  Its not until we have the emotional  Intelligence to cognitively look at the past and understand why our development was not straightforward and blocks that numbed us out from feeling became our defenses.

Childhood memories good or bad, can be a source of comfort or pain. When we are courageous enough to choose to look at the past and go into the blocks, the miracles begin to unfold. We can accept eventually everything once it is made transparent.

My workshops on Inner Child Healing are valuable and I still get the thrill of being the child when allowed to be but also, I have learnt to recognise the Child in others that just wants to be heard, seen and above all , loved. It starts with healing and ends with self parental guidance, love and support.No one can give us that but ourselves.

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Starting November 13.th : 7 week Chakra meditation / Visualisation Course

October 23, 2017

A guided meditation group focusing on the 7 major energy centres.

This will include visualisation. if you need support and guidance there will be tools to take away. Each week will cover one of the 7 Chakras but also, following on from the week before. Sessions will be on Mondays at Hamilton House in Stokes Croft, Bristol.

£10.00 per session / £60 for the 7 weeks paid up front on the first week.

This was a very popular weekly session which ran for 2 years so, bringing it back, its intended for beginners as well as people seasoned to meditation.

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A new personal transformational YOU!

August 2, 2017

An intensive 2 day workshop to help you discover
A new personal Transformational YOU!
How can you learn to be yourself ?
What are the blocks that have created your negative belief systems ?
What is stopping you from being YOU?
The tools to unlocking the answers to your uniqueness lie in this 2 day Personal & Spiritual development workshop to help you uncover those answers.

By exploring the ancient wisdom of the Chakra System, you will be shown how to identify blockages in your 7 major energy centres by way of understanding :

. Why you carry so much physical, emotional & mental pain, illness and dis-ease.
. The way to break down your negative Core beliefs and feelings about yourself through your emotional body and how to become more creative by exploring the blocks of the Inner Child.
. Self Empowerment, confidence and self esteem and what it is that has stopped you from achieving your greatness.
. How to unblock the pain in your heart , letting go of the past and sadness by learning how to forgive yourself.
. Connection to your divine will by finding your voice.
. Opening to your higher wisdom with Celestial Healing
. Connection to the divine love of your spiritual being.

Lana Lynn Mareno is an Intuitive Energy healing Therapist, Body Psychotherapist and
Integral Core practitioner with 30 years experience as a body worker.
Visit her website www.wellnessjourneys.co.uk for more information .

To book a space a concealing or energy healing session or to find out more about her workshop in Scotland 2-4th Sept, call Lisa Burns on 07506712785
Email : lana@wellnessjourneys.co.uk

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