About Lana

As a student of life, I decided to embark on a journey and train at The School of Energy Healing UK.  This was the first school of its kind set up by a graduate of The Barbara Brenan School USA.

Lana Mareno Wellness Journeys BristolThe focus of my training

The main part of my training focused on self healing and self development. This included the study of:

  • Core energetics
  • Chi Quong
  • The Chakra system
  • Dynamic meditation
  • The 7 Auric human energy fields (HEF)
  • The Universal energy field (UEF)
  • Group therapy
  • Pathology and disease
  • Spiritual development

Since attending the School of Energy healing, I have studied:

  • Counselling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Shamanic work
  • Breathwork
  • Channelling
  • Hypnotherapy

How my journey began

‘God is love’ was a quote given to me as a teenager when the world to me was unsafe, lonely and fearful.

Confused, misunderstood and sensitive to everything around me I knew on a deeper  knowing beyond guilt, shame and sadness, I was loved.

Never fully understanding the quote until later in life when at age 30 I underwent a series of health scares that took me onto a different life path direction forever.

In 1987 I was given a book called Power in Prayer by a wise man in the midst of my health issue, and whom  I now recognise as an Earth Angel.

My beliefs changed and I surrendered to a fact that if being in gratitude for everything good, as well as bad, then I was aligning myself with the power of opening to a new way of perception and that every moment and every encounter I believed  came from old beliefs from the past, I was simply accepting the loving support that had been there for me at all times which helped me to become more present in the now.

Spiritually I became connected to the age old question. Who am I?

My health and my life changed along with my attitude.

I was not a victim.

My body had carried the emotional scars of the past. It was up to me to take charge of my life; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Massage as my profession 14 years later introduced me to the metaphysical bodies that hold our life history past and present within a matrix of past and current life issues and experiences.

Emotional pain I would feel from clients led me to explore the connection between the Human and Universal energy fields in relation to imbalances on all levels as I developed my own way of reading the body intuitively with Bio Feedback Massage.

My personal journey continues as I grow and evolve in order to help and support others on their path of self discovery and personal transformational.

Core Realisation is an ongoing group I am part of as well as a student of  A course in Miracles since 2008 which has helped me deepen in the knowledge, nothing is wrong apart from our perception of life experiences.

Listen to my Journey via my Podcast

Location and contact

I reside in Bristol UK practising and facilitating workshops and courses on Energy Healing and Personal/Spiritual Development at 2 locations. I also travel to conduct courses and workshop’s worldwide and offer Distance Healing via Skype and telephone.


Anatomy and Physiology -1 year

Massage Therapy -1 year

Aromatherapy – 1 year

Certificate Pathology and Disease – 70 hours certification (with College of Body Science)

The School of Energy Healing Educational Trust  (DSEH ) – 3 years (with fieh.co.uk)

Counselling and Psychotherapy ( Dip CP ) – 1 year (with Chrysalis Courses)

Hypnotherapy and Counseling Skills ( Dip Hyp CS ) – 1 year (with Chrysalis Courses)

Various short courses on

  • Angels
  • Indian head Massage
  • Heart work
  • Nutrition
  • The role of the Doula  (birthing partnership)
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Shamanism
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy for Childbirth
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