If you have found this website, then it is very possible that you are on a journey to self discovery and healing.

Each journey will bring you closer to the truth of who you really are by releasing the pain of the past and leading you to a new journey of self awareness, new beliefs, confidence, and happiness for everything within you.

Each journey we take consciously or unconsciously is a thread to unravelling knots in our energy system that are blueprints of our life history.

Welcome, I’m Lana, and I look forward to helping you on your journey of self discovery!

Lana Mareno Therapy Bristol

Your Journey to Wellness could include

Sometimes Holistic Counselling may be all you require to help understand the healing of the mind, body and spirit in connection with our willingness to journey beyond what we know up to now.

Past Life Regression may take you on a journey with answers to why you resonate with particular self defeating patterns.

Sessions are designed to suit your needs and what it is you need to resolve. The intuitive connection I make helps to piece together the requirements for your needs.

I invite you to look at what I can offer in the way of helping you to return home.

Be well in all you do and in all you are.


“To be human is to be flawed and imperfect.
We all make mistakes, occasionally hurting those closest to us.
This simple truth sometimes we find hard to accept.
Being human also means that we can experience within us
an inherent wholeness and perfection:
We can know ourselves to be one with the life force and spirit, with God.”

Susan Thesenga, The Undefended Self

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